The secrets to flawless skin-revealed

Do you long to have flawless looking skin?  No more dark spots?  So tired of acne scarring lurking around….still!?  As if you haven’t been through enough, you now have to cover the scars from your ordeal.

I here you!!  

Over the last 5 years I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cocktail of treatments, products and lifestyle choices.  I can share with you my experiences, what to expect from IPL and what you can do to achieve your skin goals. Yah!

IPL SKIN REJUVENATION   Standing for ‘Intense Pulsed Light’.  IPL is a scattered light treatment (laser is a direct light and much more invasive).  The light is attracted to any unintended colour on the skin i.e. sun damage, pigmented scarring (acne scars that still have colour).  Through a course of treatments, it breaks down the pigmentation and disperses it via the bodies natural waste system.  Great!

What to expect – You’ll fill out a consultation form to include medical history.  Once your therapist has adapted the settings to suit your concerns, he/she will apply a cold water based gel to the skin.  This always feels so cold but as the treatment is fairly warm, you’ll soon appreciate it!  As the first ‘zap’ of light hits the skin, it’ll feel as though a warm elastic band is pinking the area.  I find the most sensitive areas are forehead and cheeks….but thats me.  After your treatment, your face will feel warm and slightly sunburnt.  I quite like it as it makes my cheeks feel plump and youthful!  Aloe vera will be your best friend over the next 24hrs.

Results – 24hrs and the redness has almost gone, I’m fine to return to work.  Over the next 2 weeks pigmentation will get darker and then lighten up!  You truly can get flawless skin quickly with IPL.  AVOID the sun and always wear an SPF50 to avoid ageing.  Its not cool to have a tanned face-buy a bronzer!

IPL THREAD VEIN TREATMENT – Exactly the same machine and exactly the same process.  You are unlikely to need a full face treatment, usually just cheeks and around your nose.  I’d say, its more painful than having pigmentation treated but it is quicker!  The little veins are targeted and get heated by the light, causing the blood to coagulate and break down the walls of the vein.  At first glance, you won’t see a prominent vein, just an area of redness which again, disperses via the bodies natural waste system.

Results – 24hrs and it still feels tender, better to have on a Saturday I’d say to allow an extra days ‘down time’.  When the redness subsides, my skin looks flawless.  No more redness to cover with makeup, well worth the 10mins of ‘pain’!

Useful products:  

Environ AVST 1 – high in vitamin A for extra collagen production                                                   Dr Aspect vitamin B & C serum – for ultimate hydration and youth                                                                                   Jane Iredale mineral powder – you wont look like you’re wearing makeup, just a second dewy skin!




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