Lash Please!! Click HERE to discover….

Tired of looking tired? – I’m nodding too.

Click the link to discover some maintenance free lash treatments that’ll make your eyes pop!


Eyelash Tinting – The quickest and easiest of options.  A jet black tint is used to dye every lash from root to tip.  The technique I use also gives an eyeliner effect so, your lashes will look much longer and darker.  Great for ‘no makeup days’!


LVL Lash Lift – Londons ‘on trend’ lift that the celebrities are LOVING!  LVL is the ultimate root lift for your lashes, lengthening, lifting and darkening the natural lash.  The results are truly amazing and theres no need for makeup or maintenance!  If you choose to wear mascara, its even better!  The LVL Lash lift lasts 6-8 weeks


Please enquire for availability below 🙂

Cant wait to meet you soon,


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